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Supplier Quality Engineer

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Supplier Quality Engineer

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  • To ensure the level of Quality Performance of Brand Labeling Suppliers meeting the Group's needs
  • Ensuring the application of the group's processes / tools dedicated to improve Quality and Robustness throughout the life of the products, from the creation phase to withdrawal,
  • Monitoring and challenging Suppliers on their level of performance
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and support them in the event of Quality problems by assuming the role of Center of Expertise and resolving problems both in terms of efficiency and time,
  • Managing the “Supply Qualification Module (SQM)” and the “Supplier performance (SPM)” at VFEurope level,
  • Supports the “Supplier Approval Module (SAM)”
  • Manage projects (BLMP, BLEP, BLWP, COS / QVE) in terms of quality. Guarantee the respect of quality deliverables / stage gates. (SAM, Exhibit5, PPEPs, PQCS / PQCP, ...)
  • Manage relations with LOBs within the framework of DIR32.
  • Have a engineer's diploma or equivalent level of study
  • Have a previous experience in Supplier Quality, preferably in the industrial field
  • Be used to Quality Management tools (8D, 5 why, Amdec...)
  • Be Fluent in English
  • Skills: creativity, ability to make decisions, proactivity and organized personality, strong negotiating skills, results oriented personality