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Raw material specialist

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Raw material specialist

  • Helyszín:

    Kerepes, Hungary

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    4 hónappal ezelőtt

Responsible for adherence of rules and requirements of QM system of the company including procedure “Handling of material and product specific documents.

  • Collecting of raw material (materials which are registered already in SAP system and used for production purpose) specific documents from suppliers/producers and evaluation of all documents (e.g. documents of flavoring ingredients, additives, technological aids, food ingredients, packaging materials etc.) in compliance to legal (national and international) requirements.
  • Saving of all documents in documentation system of the company and keeping of data base in up-dated status in compliance to legal requirements and requirements of different standards (e.g. BRC, Fairtrade, UTZ, Organic etc.) and other requirements (e.g. Kosher, Halal)
  • Contacting of suppliers/producers in case of customer requirements which are related to special ingredient properties and in case of special issues (e.g. suitability in different countries outside in EU, RASFF notifications, alerts, crisis events)
  • Close cooperation with purchasers and product developers of the company because of new and/or materials which are used for product development purposes.
  • Collecting the material specific documents of new ingredients and/or materials which are used for product development purposes and evaluation of all documents in compliance to legal requirements.
  • Active participation in the saving processes of new materials in the SAP operation system and close cooperation with Production Planner (Master data responsible).
  • Support of regulatory employee(s) in creation of product specific documents (specification, material safety data sheets, label etc.) and participation in answering of customer questions related to regulatory issues.
  • Creation of monthly, quarterly statistics and reports related to raw material documentation system, reaction of suppliers/producers etc.