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Junior platform monitoring network engineer

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Junior platform monitoring network engineer

  • Helyszín:

    Budapest, Hungary

  • Nyitott:

    6 hónappal ezelőtt


  • perform daily inspection to proactively find and resolve problems.
  • assist the frontline in outputting reports such as the HCT report every week, check the hardware health report and system performance report, find risks before problems occurring.
  • familiar with the relationships between platform components and the service and data processes of the platform.
  • locates and resolves major problems of the platform and database.
  • responsible for customer communication and team skill improvement


  • familiar with CS, PS, IMS Core Network, NE, signaling flow. Able to do service troubleshooting;
  • be familiar with the Linux/Unix system, Shell language and be able to compile simple shell scripts;
  • have a good command of the SQL language. Have general knowledge of mainstream databases in the industry, such as Oracle, SybaseIQ, and Postgres.
  • understand big data and be familiar with Hadoop open-source components. Be familiar with big data databases, such as Impala, Hive, and HBase, and the Yarn and MR mechanisms;
  • very good English skills;
  • open to overtime, possible overnight.
  • nice to have: French, Spanish


  • Nice to have: French, Spanish languge skills

Language skills:
Fluent English