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DevOps Engineer - Emerging Technology Subject Matter Expert

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DevOps Engineer - Emerging Technology Subject Matter Expert


We are looking for a highly experienced DevOps Engineer with a proven track of creating pathways for teams to migrate and modernize applications from monolithic on-prem towards solid, scalable cloud platforms (mainly Azure).
We aim for our products and platform to be of high quality and reliability, while highly secure. We pursue Continuous Delivery (CD), to serve as a core principle for securing business value.
The DevOps engineer will work across our portfolio and be engaged by various delivery teams, mainly to expand the use of Cloud Native principles and tool chains, while also providing support and enhancements of existing tools and products. Enable development productivity and effectiveness for digital transformation teams.

  • Design, implement, maintain, and improve upon the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) development environment including processes and tools
  • Onboard and provide guidance for teams to deploy applications in major public cloud providers (mainly Microsoft Azure, but not limited to)
  • Partner up with delivery teams to implement features around observability, quality, availability, scalability, security and performance, if applicable, via a CD pipeline. Provide practical guidance and best practices to teams in need of the areas
  • Occasionally work closely with other support teams to setup a solid foundation with Cloud Native toolsets
  • Develop and maintain reusable application templates for teams to get started with development quickly
  • Develop and maintain reusable automated provisioning scripts for teams to get started with cloud hosting quickly and securely
  • Where applicable, automate the repeatable tasks away to reduce toils and support effort
  • Investigate the issues to understand the actual root cause, and implement solutions


  • 5 + computer science (3 years in DevOps)
  • Confident experience in deploying and evolving the solutions in Azure.
  • E-commerce experience preferred
  • Hands-on, Proactive, good team player: work with different teams cross- departments
  • Strong command of English is essential
  • 3+ years - TAX TECH experience is a MUST ( please see below:)
  • CI/CD Development Environment:
  • Version Control e.g. GitLab, GitHub
  • CI Servers e.g. Jenkins, Azure DevOps
  • Quality Verification Tools e.g. SonarQube, Gatling
  • Artifact Servers e.g. Nexus, Azure Container Registry
  • Test frameworks e.g. Junit, ArchUnit, Prisma
  • Build Tool e.g. Gradle, docker, npm, Helm, Docker-compose
  • Platform:
  • Red Hat Openshift
  • Mircrosoft Azure
  • Messaging Services:
  • Apache Kafka (self-hosted and managed)
  • Azure Event Hub
  • Coding Languages / frameworks:
  • Java, Angular, NodeJS
  • Spring Boot and Spring Frameworks
  • Design Techniques:
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Clean Code